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Ensuring food is safe from microbiological contamination is a priority and a legislative requirement at all stages of the food chain. ALS provides customers with cost-effective quality assurance from “farm to fork”.



Chemical & Nutritional

Chemical and Nutritional

ALS Life Sciences has extensive knowledge and experience in chemical and nutritional analysis. Our facility, located in Clonmel, offers a wide range of analysis.



Pesticides & Residues

Pesticides and Residues

ALS through our Life Sciences division and partner laboratories can offer comprehensive testing for veterinary residues & pesticides. 



Domestic Drinking Water

Domestic Drinking Water-Services

ALS Life Sciences advise that private well owners test their drinking water supply annually, particularly after a spell of bad weather to identify if treatment is required.




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ALS Life Sciences offers a full range of analysis required by an IPCC license or County Council license while also offering full analysis for clients who must test according to the EU Directive on Drinking Water.



Vitamins & Additives


ALS Life Sciences as part of the ALS Group has an established reputation as a leading provider of analytical testing services for vitamins and additives.





With more awareness around allergic reactions to various foodstuffs, it is important for all foods to display the relevant allergen information.




ALS Life Sciences currently offers  Preservative Efficacy Testing, product validation, population assays for Prospore Ampoules Biological Indicators and we are in the process of expanding the testing services offered.



Meat Speciation

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ALS Life Sciences laboratory in Clonmel offers a meat speciation testing service for raw meat products using the ELISA method with a L.O.D. of 1%.




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ALS Life Sciences is approved by the Irish Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine for microbiological testing required for meat plants for USA trade to include the Shiga toxigenic E.coli detection method.