ALS Life Sciences – Consultancy Services



At ALS Life Sciences, our Consultancy Team can offer a wide range of services which includes the production of Retailer Quality Reports and Initial Listing Reports for clients seeking to place products in major retailers for the first time. The Consultancy Team can also offer Verification of existing on-pack Cooking Instructions within our equipped facilities to verify with our electric ovens (electric and fan assisted), electric hobs and microwaves covering a comprehensive range of wattages, to ensure product quality and safety for consumers, manufacturer and retailers.


Cooking instructions verification are performed in accordance with client protocols on request or following the cooking instructions from the back of the packaging to ensure the final product is safe to eat and that instructions are clear and simple to follow by the customer. Prior to the commencement of the cooking verification process, the samples are evaluated to ensure that they meet the correct acceptances (i.e. times and temperatures combination, cooking device and power levels based on the client’s request – on pack instructions or client protocol).


Our Consultancy Team will provide you with a final report where they will include all data and methodology used in the cooking process, photographic records before and after sample cooking and an organoleptic evaluation. If there is an obvious issue of cooking from the instructed time or temperature (i.e. incorrect heating or time instructions on the packaging or client’ protocol), it will be noted on the final report.


As part of the ALS Group, ALS Life Sciences in Ireland also has access to the expertise of ALS Group Laboratories across Europe. Below is a selection of the testing services we provide:


A) Supplier and Product Service includes:

  • Supplier and Raw Material Approval
  • Product Labelling
  • Product Authenticity
  • Vulnerability assessment for risk of adulteration or substitution
  • Cooking Validation Service

B) Sensory tests include:

  • Descriptive testing
  • Discrimination testing
  • Benchmarking testing
  • Consumer testing

C) Sensory & Cooking validation courses include:

  • Setting up a sensory project
  • Sensory evaluation – Foundation level
  • Panel leader
  • Descriptive Profile Methods
  • Consumer tests
  • Cooking instructions generation and cooking validation