Transport & Collection

ALS Life Sciences Transport and Collection

Transport and Collection Service

Our dedicated transport team is an integral part of ALS’s Customer Service Team and together they work hard to provide an outstanding collection service across the island of Ireland to meet the local needs of every individual customer.


Our Drivers


We understand that our drivers are key ambassadors for ALS Life Sciences and for some customers they represent the primary point of contact. Consequently, we go to great lengths to ensure that all of our drivers are courteous and helpful and respond promptly and considerately to the changing needs of our customers.


All drivers are fully trained when they join ALS and complete a series of daily checks on their vehicle and on their traceability paperwork to ensure that samples arrive back with us safely.


Our Fleet


Our modern vehicle fleet comprises of 18 fully refrigerated vans, all of which are replaced on a regular basis. All vans are fitted with data loggers to monitor the temperature of the samples that are being transported to the laboratory.


Every van also carries full spill kits, first aid kits and mobile phones.


Our vans are strategically spread across the island of Ireland servicing our customers in the 32 counties of Ireland.