COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Client Update – 29th March 2020

Following the Irish Government’s Announcement in relation to all non-essential businesses closing from midnight on 27th March 2020, subsequent clarification was issued on 28th March.  In summary, the Government have confirmed that “if you carry out an activity that is necessary for the continued provision of an essential service by another organisation or you are part of an essential supply chain, you should continue to carry out that activity”.   It is for this reason that ALS will continue operate and provide analytical services to its clients.


Furthermore, in the list of Essential Businesses, ALS services also fall under the definition of Professional, Scientific and Technical activities where “…technical testing activities and analysis…” are explicitly stated.


ALS provides analytical testing services and processes thousands of tests per day in our laboratories in support of Food and Pharmaceutical manufacture and supply as well as testing in support of Water Supply, Water Quality and Water Treatment.  The laboratory results are of vital importance to assure the quality and safety of the products on the market and are imperative in ensuring public safety.  Without these services continuing, the supply of produce to supermarkets and public water supplies could be severely impacted. 


If any supplier to ALS experiences any difficulty in providing goods or services to ALS or requires a letter for their delivery drivers or engineers to show that they are a critical supplier to ALS, please contact us as soon as possible.