COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Client Update – 27th March 2020

ALS’ primary objectives remain to protect our staff from the risk of infection and to maintain, so far as possible, a continuity of service should we be affected by the disease directly or indirectly. Our local compliance teams continue to monitor the advice provided and we also benefit from the support of the ALS corporate compliance team. Based upon this advice, we are convinced that the three-stage plan we have adopted of Prevention, Restriction, and Continuity remains the correct strategy and so far, is being effective in reducing the impacts on our business as far as possible. To take each phase in turn:



We have implemented a total ban upon international travel for any business purpose. Staff who are intending to travel overseas for non-business purposes are required to register this with the company and may be required to self-Isolate for up to 14 days before returning to work.


We continue to provide our staff with information regarding the actions to take to avoid infection such as handwashing, social distancing in the workplace, etc. We have also made further improvements to our internal cleaning and housekeeping processes to reduce the risk of person-to-person infection within our laboratories.


We are making additional arrangements to allow some of our staff to work from home and are requesting staff who must work on site to take actions such as staggered break times and amended working hours to reduce the level of person-to-person contact.


Unfortunately, we believe it is sensible to take steps to reduce the number of visitors to our laboratories and again are encouraging the use of Skype and teleconferencing for meetings. Where visitors need to attend our facilities, they are now required to undertake an infection risk assessment before being allowed on site.



To date our prevention strategy appears to have been effective and we have no confirmed cases of coronavirus. In line with government guidance, we have provided enhanced advice on when staff should self-isolate if they or a family member suffer from any of the symptoms of COVID-19 infection. We are also undertaking risk assessments for any staff who are identified as being of high risk of medical complications and are developing individual mitigation plans where appropriate.


We have also adopted a policy that if a coronavirus case is identified in the work environment the areas the individual has worked will be closed and deep cleaned and any colleagues who have worked closely with the infected individual will be required to self-isolate.



We do have an increased level of staff absence due to self-isolation and the need to care for dependents due to school closures, however, at the present time we continue to be able to offer our full analytical capability. We have regular senior management team review meetings to allow us to identify any issues within our operational capability. We continue to develop more detailed plans for business continuity should any of our laboratory services become disrupted.


We appreciate that the situation continues to develop rapidly and so we are keeping our plans under constant review and we will write to you again should our plans change in any significant way.